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This is a great insolvent question that many wise men of antiquity have considered, so much so that they ended up putting the subject on hold and finally opting for the less controversial gown. More seriously, the two concepts overlap without well-defined limits. A robe, etymologically speaking, is a garment in which one ``comb`` himself after washing. For the purists, a dressing gown is a kind of dress that you put on in front of your TV or for cocooning evenings... or that you wear in your room. If now you decide not to comb in your bathroom but in your bedroom, we don't answer anymore, it becomes too experimental for us. As for those who talk about undressing for our nighties, we are pantois because we sell clothes to dress and not undress. But it's up to you to judge as they say on TV.
Short cut to seduce at the edge of the swimming pool or long cut to snuggle near the fire, take the length that will suit the use you wish to make of your bathrobe. As for those with a long arm, we have all kinds of substitutes for the bathrobe: oneie, yukata, pyjamas with extension cords on the arm. Everything is said.
We're panties on the collars. We have a lot of them and we are creative. Kimono collar, shawl collar or hooded collar, here is the holy trinity of the robe. The kimono collar is the most common, the shawl collar added to your bathrobe a certain cachet and the hood covers the head of the most frightened. We will soon be launching the Mao collars. Let's not forget that the collar is very bourgeois for people in bathrobes who are by definition without panties!
Use our product selector without moderation to find the color you like. However, you should know that there is no discrimination in our country! You will choose from all possible shades, from the most common to the most daring. But in addition, you will be able to choose your name, your logo, your little words - soft as hard. If we are the number 1 store of the dressing gown, we are also the only one to personalize so much!
Natural or synthetic, the material is an element that will guide you in your purchase. In the ``natural origin`` family, you have cotton, silk, wool, bamboo or beech fibre modal. Synthetic fibres include polyester, microfibre or acrylic. For the bath, choose sponge cotton, irreplaceable for its absorbent properties. For warmth and comfort, polar microfibre is a good choice. Acrylic has no equivalent for aesthetics and more elaborate designs. We even have dark matter because we colour all the materials. As for the subject of social science, don't hesitate to leave us a message on social networks so that you can tell us what you think of us, our products and your chilling evenings at home.
Would you like to offer this beautiful bathrobe to your girlfriend or friend? You will be able to remind him or her every bath and shower by putting a gentle message on his chest or back. A guy, a girl, her first name, her marotte, her slogan. Everything is possible and even your brand logo! Notice to apprentice entrepreneurs, sharing economy, airbnb and other hoteliers.
That's it, everything is said. We have everything: men's bathrobe, women's bathrobe, men's bathrobe, children's bathrobe, bedroom robes, pyjamas, burnous, yukata, onesie, bathing capes, ponchos, undresses, slippers, towels, bathroom survival kit and many other things that remove shoes or clothe. We hope that these few tips will help you in your choice. And don't forget: in a robe, no rules. Then... dare!
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